Example of a Personal 
“Business” Card
Example of a Personal “Business” Card

Teaching: Business Card Icebreaker for Self-Esteem

Dick Moss, Editor

We're all aware that business cards are used by professionals to concisely describe what they can offer to potential clients.

But students can also make “business cards” to display their qualities to classmates. It's a great icebreaker that develops class cohesion while improving your students' self-esteem.

Personal “Business” Cards
Using sheets of heavy paper, have your students design a business card that exhibits positive qualities and personal information about them, including favourite rock groups, sports activities and hobbies.

The card can also include graphics, such as sketches, diagrams, photographs, symbols that identify them, or cutouts from magazines.

Once they are completed, post the cards on a bulletin board so students can peruse them—they're sure to learn something new about their classmates. You could even print up copies of the cards so that each student will have the phone number of every class mate.

The result will be a more cohesive class. And your students' self-esteem will soar as they catalogue and list personal attributes on their card.

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