Fitness: Surprise Workout Slips Keep Your Students Motivated

D. Moss, Editor

Here's an exercise-adherence trick you can use in class. It's also appropriate for individual students who've told you they're having trouble adhering to a fitness regimen because of monotony or because they just can't decide what to do on a daily basis.

Surprise Workout Slips
Surprise Workout Slips
Surprise Fitness Workouts
On separate slips of paper, have your students write down five different workouts they enjoy. The workouts can be variations of a single activity, such as running. For example:

Day 1: Run 45 min slow
Day 2: Jog 10 min, run 5 hills

...Or they could include several different activities. For example:

Day 1: Bicycle 30 minute,
Day 2: Rollerblade for 25 minutes Day 3: Play basketball at the gym

They could even include two additional slips that state:

“Take today off—you deserve it!”

Each day, your students randomly select a slip of paper and perform the workout it indicates. They'll find they enjoy the variety and the element of surprise—it's almost like showing up at the gym and having a personal trainer provide a workout for them.

And, with the two “Take a day off,” slips in the hat, their days off will also be a pleasant surprise.

You could have your students use this idea after school as a homework assignment—they may even be able to get their parents involved.

Or you could use it for a week in class, by providing a selection of activities that are appropriate for your facilities and class length. This will be interesting, because each day the grouping of students performing each activity will change.

Reference: Linda Porterfield (PhD), “My Favorite Workout.” Shape, August 1994.

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