Strength: The Lateral Triceps Press For Faster Skill Learning

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Starting Position
Starting Position

The Lateral Triceps Press develops the triceps as well as the deltoids and traps. Unlike some other triceps exercises like triceps kickbacks and overhead arm extension, athletes can actually see their hands while performing the lateral triceps press.  Since your students can watch the entire movement, it's easier for them to maintain correct form.

Another advantage is that it can be performed with inexpensive surgical tubing.

Starting Position

Your students start the exercise in a standing position, anchoring one end of the tubing by holding it firmly in their left hand near their shoulder. With their right hand they grasp the other end

Execution: Student Straightens Arm
Execution: Student Straightens Arm
of the tubing at shoulder-height, keeping their elbow out and bent.

Your students straighten their right arm, pressing their hand out to the side while exhaling and keeping the arm at shoulder height. Be sure to perform repetitions with both arms.

Triceps Pressdown Variation
Students assume the same starting position, but keep their elbow in at their side and press down.

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