Partner Knee Lift
Partner Knee Lift

Strength: Partner Knee Lift for the Lower Abdominals

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

When performing knee lifts for the lower abdominals, your students can increase resistance by using an incline bench and gradually increasing the height.

However, in a classroom or team situation, you'll never have enough incline benches for everyone. A more practical alternative is to use a partner to increase resistance. Here's how.

Partner Knee Lifts

Exercisers lie on their back with legs bent and heels down, while their partner straddles them, facing backward, hands on the exercisers' knees.

Exercisers contract the abs (to protect the lower back) and lift the knees towards the chest, continuing until the lower back lifts slightly off the ground.  They then slowly lower the legs.

The partner provides resistance on the way up, and improves eccentric strength by pushing slightly on the way down, forcing the exercisers to resist as they lower their legs.

The focus of this exercise is on the lower abdominals.

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