Quoit Made from Garden Hose 
and a Dowel
Quoit Made from Garden Hose and a Dowel

Equipment: Make Quoits Out of an Old Garden Hose

Dick Moss, Editor, PE Update.com

That leaky old hose that's hanging in your garage can be put to good use in your PE classes. Cut it up and make quoits out of it.

How to Make Your Own Quoits
Get down to your local hardware store and buy some wooden doweling that will fit tightly inside the hose. Or purchase some internal hose-connectors, used to connect sections of broken hose (these will be more expensive, though).

Cut the hose into two-foot sections, apply some glue to the doweling, and connect the end pieces of the hose so that it forms a circle.

If the glue isn't strong enough to hold, supplement it by wrapping the joint with some small pieces of the handyman's friend—duct tape.

Give the glue some time to dry and you've got quoits you can use to play catch, ring-toss, ultimate quoits, and all sorts of other activities.

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update.com.

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