Flag Soccer Game
Flag Soccer Game

Soccer: Flag Soccer Game

Dick Moss, Editor

Flag Soccer is a “musical chairs” variation that's a good game for your soccer unit. Its emphasis is on teaching students to dribble with their head up, maintaining good field awareness.

Establish an area on your field or in your gym. Typical dimensions might be 10 x 25 meters (yards). Within this area, randomly place as many cones or flags as you have students. Give each student a ball.

How to Play
On your whistle, players dribble randomly around the playing area. When you blow the whistle a second time, they must attempt to reach a cone as quickly as possible. There'll be a scramble as students are beaten to the nearest flag and must locate another while avoiding each other.

Teaching Points

  • Instruct your students to dribble around the entire area, not just in the location of a cone (so they can get to it quickly). The game is more fun if everyone randomly moves throughout the entire playing area.
  • If you use flags, the first student to grab it with his/her hand is safe. If using cones, a student must touch it with a foot.
  • Variations
  • You could reduce the number of cones by one or two. However, this often motivates some players to hover near a cone instead of moving around the entire field.

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