Reproducibles/Fundraising: Childhood Obesity Fundraiser

Charles Silberman

Every year, I do an event to raise money for childhood obesity. The event is simple.  During during physical education classes, students run/walk around a set perimeter that measures a mile. They see how many laps or miles they can run/walk, which we practice in advance of the event. Staff can and usually do join in.  And it is a great way to raise awareness about the childhood obesity epidemic. It can also raise money for your PE program to buy equipment and resources that can help educate students about the risks of obesity and how to prevent it.

Letters & Forms

Below are all the documents I use – they are pretty self-explanatory  Feel free to make them your own.  Make sure to get your principal's signature on the documents going to parents. The logistics documents are for you, the administration, and the custodial staff so they're aware of the event and can help with set up/clean up and obtaining supplies.  Moreover, make sure to follow your county or school policy for permission forms and money collection.

You can also download these printable pages in Word document (that will allow you to make changes to the documents), at the following internet address:

Charles Silberman, MS, is a physical education teacher from Maryland who believes in a holistic approach to education that involves the growth of the whole child. He is passionate about movement and physical activity, and enjoys teaching youth of all ages. You can learn more about Charles's work at, and follow him on twitter: search for @ThePeGuy.

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