Promotion: Increase Team Interest with a Photo Contest

D. Moss, Editor

Promotion: Increase Team Interest with a Photo Contest
Here's an idea that will increase student awareness of your athletic teams. Hold a photography contest with your athletes as the subjects.

How to Organize

Approach local merchants for prizes. Free dinners, clothing vouchers, concert tickets, trips—any items that might interest students are appropriate. Then publicize the contest, specifying a deadline date and using these prizes as incentive to enter. Specify that the photos entered must feature members of your athletic teams. 

Display all printed entries (or only the finalists if the number of entries is large) on a bulletin board in the hallway. Alternatively, you could support the use of digital cameras by posting the photos on a website, running a slideshow on a laptop secured in a glass trophy case, or using a digital picture frame that rotates between images.

What you'll end up with is a photo gallery featuring your athletes in action. And if you post competition schedules near the bulletin board or on the website, you may find an increase in spectator support.

Reference: Dick Moss (Editor), Physical Education Digest, Sept-Nov'92 & March 2007. Updated 3/1/24.

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