Partner Puntdown
Partner Puntdown

Football: Partner Puntdown Game

Pat Aitken

Partner Puntdown is a great game for your football unit. It will give your students practice in punting the ball and catching punts.

How to Play
Pair up your students and use a coin toss to determine which partner will punt first.

The winner punts from mid-field toward the opponent's goal line. The partner attempts to catch the ball, then kicks it back, trying to angle it past or over the head of the first punter.  The incentive for catching an
opponent's punt is that it prevents the extra yardage that might be lost by allowing the ball to bounce.

Punters may take two steps on each kick. When the ball crosses one partner's goal line, the game is over.

The game can also be played with field goals instead of punts.

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