Quarterback Preparing To Drag His Back Toe on the Follow-Through
Quarterback Preparing To Drag His Back Toe on the Follow-Through

Football: Quarterbacks - A Coaching Cue for Better Weight-Shift & Follow-Through

Dick Moss, Editor, PE Update.com

NFL quarterbacking great, Brett Favre has made a living out of circus throws. But such throws often involve using just the arm to generate power. That's not the ideal model with which to teach beginners.

In fact, it's best to first concentrate on teaching young students optimal technique, which includes good balance, a forward weight-shift and a complete follow-through.

Often, if your students' throws are inaccurate and/or weak, one or all of these elements are missing.

Here's a coaching cue that will ensure your students are remaining balanced while making a good weight-shift and follow-through.

Coaching Cue
When throwing the ball have your students drag their back toe for 12-18 inches as they follow-through.

This will require them to:  shift their weight as they take a long step forward;  maintain balance in order to drag their toe; and complete their follow-through in order to provide time for the toe-drag.

Once your students have mastered this basic technique, they can develop less traditional abilities, such as throwing on the run and throwing while moving backwards.

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