Nutrition: The Big Crunch Carrot Activity

Nutrition: The Big Crunch Carrot Activity

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

The Big Crunch is a class-wide or school-wide activity that sends a message about the nutritious and delicious benefits of carrots…and vegetables in general.

How to Organize
Get enough carrots for every student in your class, or if you think big, for your entire school! You can purchase the pre-cut carrots from your grocery store, or get local farmers to donate them.

Begin the Big Crunch
Make sure that every student has a clean carrot in their hand, then on your signal, have them all crunch their carrot at the same time. If conducted school-wide, that signal can  be a carrot-crunch broadcast over the public address system.

The huge “crunch” noise is a lot of fun! It gets your students to eat a carrot in a way that makes eating carrots seem “cool,” and hopefully will make them want to eat more in the future.

More Information
In combination with the Big Crunch, you  might provide students with information and other activities related to carrots. You can find such resources on the Saskatoon's CHEP Good Food Inc website. They promote a Big Crunch every year and provide additional resources on the following web page:

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