Nutrition: Mystery Food Game

Nutrition: Mystery Food Game

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

The Mystery Food Game is a nice change of pace for your health unit. It's a good way to get your students off their seats for a few minutes while staying within a "nutrition" theme. It's also a fun icebreaker game for the beginning of the year.

How to Play
Print the name of a food onto slips of paper, and tape the slips each student's back. Don't allow your students to see their slip.You can see a page of reproducible food slips on PDF version of this article (see download link below).

Students then circulate around the room, asking classmates Yes/No questions. For example, "Am I a drink? Am I a vegetable?"

They are allowed to ask only one question per classmate before moving on.

Once students correctly identifies their food, they must move to the edge of the classroom and perform a stretch or other exercises (i.e. arm swings, high-knee walking, achilles stretch, shoulder stretch etc.). They continue until every student is finished.

Reference: Mystery Food Game, Instructor's Guide. Prince Edward Island Healthy Eating Alliance.

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