Nutrition/Health: Meatless Meal Assignment

Dick Moss & Pat Aitken

Even with the current barrage of information on reducing dietary fat, there are still some “meat and potato” families out there — families who feel that a meal isn't complete unless they have a big slab of meat on their plate.

Here's an assignment that may overcome the perception among students that meat is a necessary component of every meal.


  • Give your students the homework assignment of preparing one meatless supper for their family.
  • Have them bring in their recipes and make up a class cookbook, which you can photocopy and distribute.
  • Choose some recipes and analyze their nutritional components, including grams of fat.
  • You might ask students to bring their meatless dishes in for a special class meal.
  • Another great way to promote meatless eating and fundraise at the same time would be to sell portions of your students' meatless meals at lunch while selling copies of their cookbook.

Dick Moss (Editor) & Pat Aitken (Consulting Editor), PE Update.

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