Lacrosse: Magnet Tag Teaches Field Awareness

Lacrosse: Magnet Tag Teaches Field Awareness

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Magnet Tag is a fun way to teach field awareness. It's also a good fitness game that teaches students about magnetic charges.

Place five to seven players within a 20 metre (yard) grid.  One player (“It”) wears a yellow pinnie, while half the remaining players wear red pinnies and the other half, green pinnies. Each player has a stick and ball.

How to Play
Explain that the red-pinnied players have a positive charge while the green players have a negative charge. Since like charges repel, players must always stay five metres away from players with the same-coloured pinnie. However, they can stay as close as they wish to players with different pinnies (opposite charge).

In the meantime, “It” runs around the playing area trying to tag any player. This keep everyone moving.

On your whistle, players move randomly around the playing area, cradling the ball in their stick, trying not to be tagged and avoiding players with the same-coloured pinnies. Any player who gets tagged by “It,” or moves within the five-metre magnetic field of a same-charged player must perform 10 crunches, pushups, or other exercise.

After a certain time period, change the “It” player.  

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