Icebreaker Game: Truth or Consequences

Icebreaker Game: Truth or Consequences

Dick Moss, Editor

Truth or Consequences is a game that combines fitness, fun and academic knowledge. It's a great way to review the material you've covered in your health classes.


Divide your class into two teams. The teams line up facing each other, about two meters apart. About 40 feet behind each team is a “safety” line that you can mark using cones.

 One of the teams is the “True” team. The other is “False.”

 How to Play

Ask a question with a true or false answer—it might be from material you've covered in a health unit. For example, “Smokeless tobacco is a safe substitute for cigarettes. True or False?”

If the answer to the question is “False” (as in this example), the “False” team chases the “True” team, attempting to tag them before they can reach their safe line. Any player tagged becomes part of the “False” team. 

Play continues until one of the teams is out of players.


Reference: Guy Bailey, The Ultimate Playground & Recess Game Book, Educators Press,

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