Bouncing Puck Shooting Drill
Bouncing Puck Shooting Drill

Hockey: Bouncing Puck Shooting Drill

Dick Moss, Editor

There's nothing more frustrating than watching a player make a beautiful pass to a shooter in the slot, only to have the puck bounce over the shooter's stick.

The Bouncing Puck Drill will give your players practice in “one-timing” such bouncing or rolling passes.

Technique and Drill
First, instruct your students that they'll have more success when shooting a rolling or bouncing puck if they shoot with relatively stiff wrists. Wrist action changes the angle of the stick, giving the puck a better chance of bouncing over the blade.  A quick snap shot with the blade kept perpendicular to the ice is effective.

You can practice this technique using the Bouncing Puck Drill.  Players skate to a position in the “slot” in front of the net and attempt to shoot a puck that you bounce or roll to them. Throw the puck by hand to ensure a good bounce or roll.

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