Wrong-Foot Shooting Drill
Wrong-Foot Shooting Drill

Hockey: Teach Your Players to Shoot Off the Wrong Foot

Dick Moss, Editor

Once your players have learned the basics of shooting, you should teach a variation of ideal technique that will improve their effectiveness—the ability to shoot when their weight is on the wrong foot.

The best hockey snipers have learned to shoot off either foot because quick passes, rebounds, deflections and body contact can find them off-balance when they receive the puck. Here's a drill that will teach your players this skill.

Place two passers, each with a puck, on either side of the net. Shooters line up to one side of the face-off area against the boards, with the coach standing near the blue line facing the passers. There's a goalie in the net.

Have your players cruise through the slot (in front of the net), gliding on the skate that is nearest the net—this will prevent the back-to-forward weight shift that is part of a textbook shot.

The coach points to one of the passers, who passes to the shooter. The shooter must quickly shoot the puck at the net by either one-timing it, or receiving and immediately shooting.

Not knowing which passer will deliver the puck forces a quicker reaction from the shooters and prevents them from setting up before the pass.
Dick Moss (Editor), Physical Education Update.

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