Golf: Hand-Toss Chipping Drill

Golf: Hand-Toss Chipping Drill

Dick Moss, Editor

Many beginners have difficulty visualizing how far a chip shot should travel in the air and where it should land so it bounces close to the pin.

The following drill will show them where to aim their chips and pitches.

Hand-Toss Chip Drill

Practice next to a green or establish a target on your playing field. The target can be a pylon or a stick stuck upright into the ground.

Instruct your students to stand sideways to the target, with their head facing towards it — as if they were addressing the ball for a chip shot. Give each student several balls.

The students' task is to throw the ball, using a high trajectory, so that it bounces as close to the target as possible. They should swing the ball across their body, using a motion that mimics a golf swing.

After several attempts, they'll see how far the ball must travel in the air in order to bounce near the target. They can then attempt to duplicate these throws using a golf club to hit the ball. 

Reference: Nancy Lopez with Don Wade, Lopez on Golf, Stanley Paul & Co. Ltd., 1987. 

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