Stocking Stuffer Relay
Stocking Stuffer Relay

Games: Stocking Stuffer Relay

Suzanne Bathe & Adrienne Wallace

For this activity you'll need one stocking or tube sock for each team, and a pile of small toys.

We sent out a “Dear Santa” letter asking our parents that for Christmas this year we were collecting the following items, and listed what we needed.  We received more McDonald's toys that we could have ever imagined.

Divide the students into teams.  Put a stocking behind the line approximately 25-30 feet away.  Place a stack of toys or small items (use your imagination) in a stockpile—we use a big plastic box for this.

How to Play
On “go”, the first person in each team runs to the toy box or stockpile and gets one toy. They then return and place it in the stocking and then back to their team.  Upon returning to their team they tag the hand of the next person who takes their turn.

Students keep taking turns until all of the toys are gone.  When we are all done, we let each team make a circle and empty their stocking to examine the toys.  It is absolutely hilarious to watch them play with the toys.  Then we put them up and play again if you wish.

Contributors: From Suzanne Bathe & Adrienne Wallace, presented at the 2009 Texas AHPERD Convention.

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