Fun Stuff for Physical Education #88 
January 14, 2010

Fun Stuff for Physical Education #88
January 14, 2010

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

1. Editor's Note

Welcome to the first issue of the Fun Stuff for PE newsletter for 2010! I hope you had an excellent holiday. My wife, Terry, and I spent most of our holiday in Cleremont, Florida, at a training camp with my university women's track team. Ten females and me, all in the same house for a week! By the end of it, I was using a hair-straightener and trying on dresses. But we all survived, the workouts went well, and the girls got to see Disneyland and run on Daytona Beach (it was too cold to sunbathe).

The New PE Blog Postings Page
The New PE Blog Postings Page

I'd like to mention a change to the website that some of you might like. A click on the “Blog” link now takes you to a page that lists every blog article we've ever posted. They are listed from newest to oldest and there is a “MAIN BLOG PAGE” link at the top that will take you to our blog's home page.

What free content will you find in THIS issue of Fun Stuff?

  • “Free Resources” features a website that uses the upcoming Olympics to spice up your lessons.
  • “PE Update Blog” discusses the misconception that sleep will automatically make you sober after a night of partying. It's of relevance to those of you who also teach Health.
  • “From the Archives” provides an article that describes how to use the video game, "Dance, Dance Revolution" in your PE classes.
There are also many free resources on the PE website, including more than 40 sample articles, a links page, the latest PE-related news and headlines, the PE Blog and the Fun Stuff newsletter archive.

For those of you who are PE members, this issue includes a list of the latest articles added to the website.

I hope you enjoy this issue!

Dick Moss, Editor


Fun Stuff for Physical Education #88 
January 14, 2010
2. Free Resources 


With the Winter Olympics in Vancouver only a month away, here are some free resources that will help you use the Olympics to inspire your students and make lessons more interesting and relevant.


Fun Stuff for Physical Education #88 
January 14, 2010
3. New Additions to the Website

Here are the Articles that were added to the PE Update website over the past two weeks. These articles are available only to paid members of PE

  • Fundraising: Popcorn Sales With a Difference
    Randomly placed gift certificate prizes will greatly increase your popcorn fundraising sales.
  • Games: Trash Bowling
    A team bowling game for physical education class in which discarded items of various sizes are worth different points.
  • Hockey: The "Yes or No" Breakaway Drill
    A breakaway game in which teammates must guess whether the player who is "up" will score. 
  • Poster/Reproducible: Don't Just Curse the Darkness
    An inspirational poster about dealing with disagreeable circumstances. Can be printed in either color or black and white.
  • Resources: The Olympic School Program
    Free resources that use the Olympics to make lessons more interesting and relevant.
  • Soccer: Homemade Kicking Tees Make Ball-Striking Easier for Beginners
    How to make inexpensive kicking tees that make it easier for beginners to learn to kick the ball correctly and experienced players to learn advanced ball-striking skills.
  • Track & Field: Use a Repetitive Cue for Sprint Starts and Jumps Runups
    A repetitive mental cue can prevent the hesitation that often occurs after the first stride out of the starting blocks. It can also improve runup consistency in jumping events.
The PE website has 529 other articles on these seven topics! Become a member and you can access all that information today! Click Here!


Fun Stuff for Physical Education #88 
January 14, 2010
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  • Every article is illustrated for better comprehension.
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Fun Stuff for Physical Education #88 
January 14, 2010
4. From the PE Update Blog

Monday Morning Musings on the World of Sports, Coaching & Physical Education from Editor, Dick Moss.

Physical educators can help to dispel the common misconception that catching some shut-eye will automatically clear alcohol from your system. In fact only time will do that, whether you are asleep or awake.
To read more, go to the PE Update Blog:



Fun Stuff for Physical Education #88 
January 14, 2010
5. From the Archives

In every issue, I'll highlight a useful article from the PE Update Archives. The article will be available to non-members of the website for a week, and to members forever! This issue's article is:
Dance Dance Revolution Encourages Physical Education Participation

The video game, Dance Dance Revolution, can be used in physical education classes to increase student interest and motivation. Here's how to implement it in your classes.

The PE website has 85 other "Fitness & Flexibility" articles ready for you to read! Become a member and get access to them today! Click Here!


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