Fun Stuff for Physical Education #83
October 22, 2009

Fun Stuff for Physical Education #83
October 22, 2009

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

1. Editor's Note

Welcome to the latest issue of the Fun Stuff for PE newsletter!

This edition provides some excellent free content including a link to a video showing a baseball batting trick that you won't see in the World Series; our latest blog posting, providing a number of real excuse notes sent to teachers; and our article from the archives that discusses a common mistake that coaches make when attempting to peak runners (and other athletes) for their championship competition.

There are also many free resources on the PE website, including more than 35 sample articles, a links page, the latest PE-related news and headlines, and the Fun Stuff newsletter archive.

For those of you who are PE members, I've listed the latest articles that have been added to the website. Of course, paid PE Update members receive many other advantages, including access to over 2100 searchable articles that you can read, print or email; the PE forum; and dozens of instructional videos.

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I hope you enjoy this issue!

Dick Moss, Editor


Fun Stuff for Physical Education #83
October 22, 2009
2. From the Web


It's World Series time, so I thought you'd enjoy this baseball batting trick. Don't try this at home (and it's probably best if you don't show it to your students) - it looks like a great way to knock yourself out!.

See the website at:


Fun Stuff for Physical Education #83
October 22, 2009
3. New Additions to the Website

Here are the Articles that were added to the PE Update website over the past four weeks.
These articles are available only to paid members of PE

  • Equipment: Choosing the Right Basketball - A Primer
    A primer on the different sizes and materials to consider when purchasing basketballs for your physical education classes.

  • Games: A Dodgeball Variation That's Better for PE Classes
    A variation that makes Dodgeball more appropriate for PE classes.

  • Poetry/Reproducibles: Because You Said "Thanks Coach"
    A poem that describes one of the major motivators for teachers who coach.

  • Tennis (Video Link): The Chair Drill for Low Balls
    A drill that uses a chair to improve the ability to bend the knees instead of the back when reaching for low groundstrokes.

  • Volleyball: Stance Tip - Keep the Hands In Your Field of Vision
    How a good defensive stance will improve your students' eye-hand coordination when playing volleyball.

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Fun Stuff for Physical Education #83
October 22, 2009
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Fun Stuff for Physical Education #83
October 22, 2009
4. From the PE Update Blog

Monday Morning Musings on the World of Sports, Coaching & Physical Education from Editor, Dick Moss.

Some real excuse notes provided to teachers from the parents of sick children. Be prepared to laugh out loud!



Fun Stuff for Physical Education #83
October 22, 2009
5. From the Archives

In every issue, I'll highlight a useful article from the PE Update Archives. The article will be available to non-members of the website for a week, and to members forever! This issue's article is:


It's almost time for your cross-country running championships and you'll be wanting to peak your athletes. Here's a mistake you should avoid in this critical peaking period. This article also applies to other sports in which peaking applies.

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