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Shed-the-Block Drill
Shed-the-Block Drill

Football: Shed the Block Drill

Dick Moss, Editor

This drill teaches your defenders, when taking on blockers, to be aggressive with their hands while remaining aware of the ball carrier.

Players form a line, facing a single  defender. The coach, holding a ball, stands next to the line.

The first player in line runs forward and attempts to block the defender. The defender sheds the block by attacking the blocker and making aggressive use of his hands.

On the coach's command, the next player runs forward to make a block. Alternatively, the coach could give that player the ball—the defender must then shed the block and make the tackle.

The defender never knows when a ball carrier will come charging at him. This forces defenders to remain aware of the backfield while fighting off a block.

You can increase the challenge by placing the defender in a small square area. The ball carrier runs through the square and the blocker's job is to drive the defender out of the area.
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Football: Shed the Block Drill

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