Coin Football
Coin Football

Football: Coin Football

Pat Aitken

You can use this versatile leadup game in class, with your flag football team, or as a fun change-of-pace for your varsity team.

The goal of the game is to carry a coin across the goal line without being tagged or having your flag pulled. The fun part is that the defense doesn't really know who has the coin.

How to Play
The offense huddles and gives a coin to one of their players. When the “Break!” signal is given, all the offensive players run towards the goal line, acting as if they had the coin.

The offense can protect the coin carrier or use misdirection to lead the defense away from the carrier. When tagged, offensive players must open both hands to show whether they're holding the coin.

The offense scores a touchdown if the coin carrier crosses the goal line without being tagged. The coin then passes to the other team, who become the offense.

If you're playing Coin Football on a large field, you might give the offense two to four downs to score. In a gym, allow just one attempt before switching offense and defense.

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