Equipment/Field Events: Make Your Own PVC Pipe Javelin Case

Dick Moss, Editor

The javelin throw is a great event, but traveling with a javelin can be a pain. Traveling javelin chuckers must be constantly mindful of tip damage and teammate-stabbing.

Fortunately, you can make your own inexpensive, protective javelin case out of PVC sewer pipe. Here's how.

Purchase the following materials from your local hardware store:

  • A length of 4” diameter PVC (plastic) sewer pipe.
  • A 4” diameter PVC sewer cap.
  • A 4” diameter PVC sewer clean-out adapter with threaded sewer plug.
  • Duct tape.
  • Short length of nylon rope.

Simply use PVC glue to permanently attach the sewer cap to the bottom of the sewer pipe.  Then glue the clean-out adapter to the other end. The sewer plug screws in and out of the adapter to open and close the javelin case.

You can make a simple handle by duct-taping the ends of a short piece of nylon rope to the outside of the pipe. And you can jazz up the case by painting it in your school colours.
Dick Moss (Editor), PE

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