Equipment/Strength: Bubble Pack for Snappy Grip Strength

Equipment/Strength: Bubble Pack for Snappy Grip Strength

Dick Moss, Editor

Do you receive boxes of books, computer software or other goods? If so, you've probably noticed the boxes are filled with bubble pack or some other shipping material.

The usual reaction is, “Now what do I do with this stuff?” while estimating the remaining capacity of your office garbage can.

Well, there is a good use for all that bubble pack. It's excellent material for developing your students' grip strength.

Using Bubble Pack for Grip Strength
Just have your students grab a section of bubble pack and squeeze hard. The air-filled compartments will pop, making a satisfying noise that's great fun. And it works the heck out of the hands, fingers and forearms.

Other Materials
Other packing material can also be used, such as the little foam “bananas” that are  fairly common. The bananas don't pop, but there is something gratifying about sticking your hand in a box full of foam things and squeezing away.

And, while we're talking about garbage exercise equipment, you can also use old phone books to boost grip strength. Have your students rip out a page and crumple it up. After several pages, they'll become surprisingly fatigued.

If you're worried about obtaining a sufficient supply of squeezable shipping materials (and who isn't), just ask your librarians to keep the stuff they accumulate when they receive boxes of new books.

Dick Moss (Editor).


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