Equipment/Golf: Golf Ball Age Affects Hitting Distance

Equipment/Golf: Golf Ball Age Affects Hitting Distance

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Does it seem like your students aren't hitting the golf ball as far as their predecessors did? The answer might lie in your equipment room...that is, if you've been using the same balls for the past 10 years.

Distance Lost
According to Steve Ogg, vice president of golf ball research for Callaway, golf balls lose about one yard in distance per year, even if they haven't been used! Heavy use—as you might find in the balls used in physical education classes—reduces their distance potential even more.

Moisture getting into the ball's core is the reason for this decline. Storing the balls in a moist environment exacerbates the problem.

So, if hitting distance is an issue - as it would be with a varsity team, or if your students are becoming discouraged with their inability to drive past the 50 yard line of your football field - then new balls might be in order.

Also, if your storage space for golf balls is adjacent to your shower room, you should find a different spot. A cool dry place is optimal.

Reference: Mike Stachura, “Good Tip: How to Store Your Golf Balls.” Golf Digest, April 2009.

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