Equipment: Use Volleyball Standards for Indoor Tetherball

Contributor: Michelle Gaus

A Tetherball Pole Made From a Volleyball Upright
A Tetherball Pole Made From a Volleyball Upright
After years of wondering whether tetherball would work in the gym, I finally talked my department head into buying a couple of balls to try it out.

We used a volleyball upright and tied a ball to the top, wrapping the rope around it a few times because the rope is a bit too long.

The kids loved it! Incidentally, I've found that tetherball makes a good drill for soccer players—simply change the rules so that players are only allowed to use their feet or head. It's a great way to develop their eye/foot coordination, and it's harder than you think to make contact with a moving tetherball.

Contributor: Michelle Gaus is a teacher at Belle River District High School in Belle River, Ontario.

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