Getting Up From a Hard Surface
Getting Up From a Hard Surface

Cross-Country Skiing: How to Get Up From a Fall on a Hill

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

If you've ever taught beginners how to ski down a hill, you've seen them fall. And if you've seen them fall, you've also seen them struggle to get up.

Here are some tips that will help your novice skiers get up from a fall on a hill.

Align the Skis First
The first thing your students must do is align their skis across the fall line so they face perpendicular to the slope. This will ensure the skis don't slide downhill as the skier attempts to get up.

Hard Surface
If they're on a hard surface and the hill is fairly steep, have your students grip both ski poles together, with one hand just above the basket and the other in the straps. They place the bottom of their poles into the snow at about the level of their waist. They then push down on the basket with their lower hand while pulling down on the ski straps with the other. This will allow them to stand up fairly easily.

Soft Surface
If the snow is deeper and softer, they'll have better luck if they cross their ski poles, making an “X” pattern on the snow. The crossed poles form a stable platform in the snow. They stand up by pushing down on the intersection of the poles.

If your students are touring with heavy backpacks when they fall, have them remove the backpack. This will save energy as they're getting back up.
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