Basketball: Beanbag Dribbling Drill

Basketball: Beanbag Dribbling Drill

Here's a fun drill that will teach your players to keep their head up, while dribbling the ball with either the left or right hand.

Beanbag Circle Drill

Break your students into small groups and have them form 10-foot diameter circles on the court. Each player gets a basketball and each group gets one beanbag.

Players dribble the ball on the spot with their right hand while passing the beanbag to each other with their left hand. They should attempt to surprise players whose eyes are watching the ball instead of their teammates.

After a minute or two, switch hands.


Have players partner up and dribble around the court while passing the beanbag back and forth.

Reference: Geoff Shurtleff, “Basketball Coaching and Playing Tips: Beanbag Dribble.” submitted by Joe Ralko, PowerBasketball Website, 2002.

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