Diving for a Ball in the Green Monster- Fielding Game
Diving for a Ball in the Green Monster- Fielding Game

Baseball/Softball: Green Monster Fielding Game

Dick Moss, Editor, PE Update.com

The Green Monster game was named in honour of the legendary backfield fence at Boston's Fenway Park. It's a baseball leadup game that develops fielding skills, with a particular focus is on diving for balls and inter-player communication. However, it also provides a good conditioning component because the action is non-stop.

Divide your class into teams of two or more. Play on a beach volleyball court, or make your own court on a grass field, using portable nets as a mid-court divider. A backfield fence with grass on either side is perfect. The height of the net is irrelevant.

Use cones to mark out boundary lines on either side of the net, so players are defending a court that's about six meters (yards) by six meters (for two or three players per team), or larger if you have more players.

Use one ball per game and all players wear a baseball glove.

How to Play
The goal of the game is to toss the ball so it drops on the opposing team's court. A point is scored every time a ball touches the ground, with the tossing team getting the point.

No slam dunks or hard throws are allowed, so the ball must be tossed gently but accurately. Throwers are allowed to fake-toss and pass to partners in order to confuse their opponents.

The real work in the game comes from the defenders, who must prevent the ball from hitting the ground on their court. That means they must react quickly, run to the ball, and often dive to make a catch. Players must communicate with each other so they know who is going for the ball.

The team with the most points after a certain time period wins the game.

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Screenshot photo from “150 Baseball Drills, Games & Activities” provided by Championship Productions.

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