Baseball: How to Practice Without a Field

Baseball: How to Practice Without a Field

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Have you ever shown up for baseball practice only to find out the field is already occupied or otherwise unavailable?

If so, don't just send everybody home. With a little flexibility, you can practice on a grass field, an asphalt surface or even your school parking lot.

Soft Balls - The Key to Alternate Practice
The key is to always have some soft balls or whiffle balls available. That way, you can practice in parking lots, asphalt courts, gravel school grounds or areas with nearby windows.

Whiffle balls can present special challenges to your batters because of their ability to curve when pitched. If you don't believe me, check out the whiffle ball video featured in the following PE Update Newsletter:


You can also use such sessions to practice techniques you might normally spend less time on, such as bunting or baserunning. A few bunting drills plus some work on baserunning timing can fill up your practice time and pay huge dividends in the next game.

Reference: Marty Schupak, "Practice When No Field is Available." Baseball, 10/8/07.

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