Baseball: Tips to Avoid Bunting Into Foul Territory

Baseball: Tips to Avoid Bunting Into Foul Territory

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Do your players hit the ball into foul territory when they bunt? If so, they may be doing one of three things:

1. Standing Too Far Back in the Box
Since the base lines get closer together as you move farther back in the batting box, encourage your hitters to move as far forward as possible when they assume their bunting position.

2. Not Getting Square
Your hitters may not be completely squaring up as they move forward into bunting position. As a result, the angle of the bat may be facing the foul line, not the infield.

3. Trying to Reach First Base
Many players make the mistake of rushing their bunt in an attempt to get to first base. In fact, the purpose of the bunt is to advance a baserunner, not the bunter. Rushing the bunt often takes the players out of the optimal, square position, and causes them to jab at the ball with a poorly angled bat.

Reference: The Art of Bunting, Coaching Association of Canada, 2008.

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