Baseball/Softball: When to Barehand the Ball

Baseball/Softball: When to Barehand the Ball

Dick Moss

When fielding the ball, when should your players pick it up with their bare hand? Here's a good guideline for when to use this technique.

If the ball is moving, it should be picked up using both the glove and the hand. However, if it is not moving, it can be barehanded.

Technique Cue For Pickup Up the Ball Barehanded
Use the following cue to secure a good grip when barehanding the ball.

Tell your players to imagine they are corkscrewing the ball into the grass as they pick it up. And instruct them to keep their eye on the ball until it's securely in their hand - a common error is to look up before the ball is secure.

Reference: Baseball/Softball Kids Club, "When to scoop and when to barehand." Rawlings Website.


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