Taking a Wide Lead on 2nd With Two Out
Taking a Wide Lead on 2nd With Two Out

Baseball/Softball: Take a Wide Lead on Second With Two Out

Dick Moss, Editor

With less than two out, a runner on second base should take a lead of about 15 feet directly down the baseline towards third. In this situation, the runner must be aware of the danger of double plays, and the priority should be getting to third rather than advancing all the way to home.

However, with two out, double plays are irrelevant and your baserunner should focus on running all the way to home plate. In this situation, your runner should take a different type of lead.

Two-Out Lead from Second
With two out, your baserunner should take a lead of about 15 feet towards third base, but also 12 feet deep from the baseline.

This position allows your baserunner to quickly get back to second, while reducing the turning arc at third for better speed around the base on the way to home plate.

As the pitch is delivered, your baserunner should begin jogging towards third, chest pointed in that direction, head turned towards home plate.

If the ball is hit in any manner, your runner takes off and heads around third for home. However, if the pitch isn't hit, s/he must immediately stop and hightail it back to second as quickly as possible.

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