Home Run Derby From Second Base
Home Run Derby From Second Base

Baseball/Softball: Home Run Derby Variation for Better Participation

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update.com

Home Run Derby is played in the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, but you can use it as a fun way to end classes or team practices.

Use a pitcher, catcher and a number of batters. Batters attempt to hit the ball over the fence and score a point every time they do. Batters can let pitches go by, whether they are in the strike zone or not. However, every pitch they swing at must go over the fence, or it's an "out."

Depending on your numbers, you can give each player three to ten "outs" per at-bat.

The player with the most home runs after a full rotation wins the game.

Some players, especially young ones, aren't capable of hitting the ball over the fence. So use the following variation to give everyone the chance to bang one out of the park!

Use the same rules as a regular home run derby, but use second-base for home plate, with the pitcher standing in the outfield. For younger players, move it closer to the outfield fence so that every player will have the chance to hit the ball over the fence - even those who would never do it during the regular season.

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