Badminton: Rapid Fire Hitting Drill

Badminton: Rapid Fire Hitting Drill

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

The key to learning badminton strokes is repetition. The more shots your students can take, the faster they'll learn. Here's a way to optimize your time in class and get your students hitting shuttle after shuttle after shuttle.


Pair your students up, making one partner the hitter and the other the feeder. The hitters stand facing a wall, five to ten feet away. The feeders kneel with their back against the wall, facing the hitters. They place a number of shuttles on the floor in easy reaching distance, and hold a racquet in front of their face for protection.

Then away they go. Feeders toss a shuttle to the hitters, and as the hitters smack the shuttle into the wall, the feeders are reaching for another shuttle. Feeders can direct their toss so it works on any stroke you want: backhand, forehand, overhead, clear.

Once they've all been hit, the shuttles are easy to collect since they'll have dropped to the base of the wall around the feeder. Have the feeder and hitter switch positions and continue.

Your students will be able to take many of these rapid-fire shots in a short period of time.

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