A Player Taking Anticipatory Hops
A Player Taking Anticipatory Hops

Badminton: How to Use Anticipatory Hops

Pat Aitken

You'll often see advanced badminton (and tennis) players taking small hops while waiting to return a shot. These “anticipatory hops” have a purpose: to overcome inertia and pre-stretch the muscles for a quicker, more powerful movement towards the shuttle.

Points to Watch
When performing these hops, your players should land slightly off-balance and push away from the direction they want to move (i.e., the legs must push back to move forward).

The feet should not land together in a stable position. The reaction will be quicker if one foot lands first and slightly in front of the other.

Reference: Sandra Stevenson, Gord Smith & Keith Anton, Badminton: National Coaching Certification Program 1,2,3, Badminton Canada, 1993.

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