Fitness: Bank of Fitness Account Book

Fitness: "Bank of Fitness" Account Book

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Here's a motivational tool that combines fitness log-keeping with the practical life-skill of maintaining a checkbook ledger.

How to Make
Photocopy the reproducible "National Bank of Fitness Account Book" (see the downloadable pdf version of this article) so the ledger and title page are on opposite sides of the same sheet of paper (yes, the title page is supposed to be upside down). Fold the photocopied page in half and you have your ledger.

How it Works
Provide each student with a copy of the Fitness Bank Account Book. Instruct them to record each exercise session as if it were a deposit into a "fitness bank." There's a column for the number of the workout, the date, type of exercise and duration in minutes.

Your students can keep a running total, or at the end of several weeks, add up their total exercise minutes to see how large their fitness account has grown. The ledger also acts as a fitness log-book which allows you to monitor your students' exercise activity as an assignment.

You can download a copy of the reproducible fitness account book at the bottom of this page.

Fitness Bank Account Print-Out

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