Fitness: Walk-a-Dawg Program

Fitness: Walk-a-Dawg Program

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Here's a great idea for a fitness-oriented day-trip: go to your local dog pound for a dog-walking session. Walking with four-footed friends will make the walk more fun, and it will be of great benefit to both the dog and the staff at the animal shelter.

Other Opportunities
This excursion can lead to other opportunities:

  • In conjunction with the staff, your students may be able to schedule regular visits to the pound to act as volunteer dog-walkers.
  • If the pound is close to your school, you may be able to make regular excursions, or even start a dog-walkers' club.
  • The pound may be able to transport dogs to your school for walking sessions.
  • Becoming familiar with dogs may motivate some students (and their families, of course), to adopt a dog of their own.


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