Shot Put Relay
Shot Put Relay

Field Events: The Shot Put Relay Game for Practices and Physical Education Classes

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

The shot put relay is a fun game you can use in your field event throwing unit, with your varsity throwers, or in any physical education class.

How to Play
The idea is to see which team can collectively throw the shot the farthest distance down the field.

Divide your students so that each group is fairly equal in terms of talent. Give each team one shot put. The first member of each team steps up to the starting line and, using a one-step pivot technique, tosses the shot as far as possible. The point at which the shot contacts the ground becomes the "toe board" for the next thrower on the team.

After everyone has had a turn, the team that has moved the shot the farthest is the winner.

There is really only one infraction that can occur. If a thrower steps over the toe board (the place at which the previous thrower's shot landed), the thrower must take one step back, then make another attempt.


  • You can experiment with different techniques in this contest. For example, you could require each participant to perform the complete glide, use a toss from a standing position, a two-handed toss backward over the head, depending on the aspect of shot putting you wish to emphasize.
  • You can make this into an individual event to see who's the best all-around thrower on your team. Have each athlete make a standing throw with a shot, then a discus, and finally the javelin. The thrower with the longest total distance after the three attempts is the winner.
  • Finally, you can modify this into a fun group activity for any physical education class. Instead of using a shot put, use a medicine ball and see which team can collectively throw the ball the farthest down the field or gym.

Reference: V.G. Alabina and M.P Krivonosova, Training Aids and Specialized Exercises in Track and Field, Translated in Soviet Sports Review, Volume 23, No. 1, March 1988.

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