Strength (Video): Two-Legged Hip Hops

Strength (Video): Two-Legged Hip Hops

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Two-legged hip hops is an excellent exercise for developing strength in the hips - in particular, the strength needed to keep the hips level and the body square after the feet make a high-impact contact with the ground. It also develops the ability to remain balanced when landing.

It's excellent for sports in which the athletes must jump and land on two legs, such as volleyball and basketball. But it's also effective for sports in which the hips must remain level when a single leg contacts the ground.

Examples include the triple jump, long jump and any sport involving running. When running, the hips must remain level because allowing one side to drop when running will cause the foot to contact the ground at a non-optimal location relative to the body.

The drill is simple and all you need is a high jump pit. Have your assume a low squat position on the mat. From this position, they drive off both legs, upward and forward, as explosively as possible. When they land, they sink back to the low crouch, then drive backward. They continue jumping back and forth for six to 10 repetitions (forward + backward equals one rep). The goal is to land on the same spot every time. Repeat three to five times per session.

To see a demonstration of the Two-Legged Hip Hops exercise, featuring coach
Jim Taylor and triple jumper Caroline Ehrhardt, watch the video below:

Reference: Jim Taylor, Jumps Coach, Track North Athletic Club. March 2009.

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