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Nutrition - Carbonated Drinks Aren't the Best Option After Exercise
Dick Moss

Carbonated drinks reduce the amount of fluid an athlete can ingest after exercise.... keep reading..

Strength - Partner Bench Press on an Exercise Ball
Dick Moss

A bench press variation using a partner and an exercise ball.... keep reading..

Games - Leaking Cup Relay
Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update

A relay in which participants dribble water on their own head as they negotiate a course. Good for physical education classes or field days.... keep reading..

Coaching - Errors When Developing Maximum Speed in Team Sports
Meghan Juuti

Common coaching errors that occur when attempting to develop maximum speed in team sports.... keep reading..

Equipment - Make a Balance Board Out of Two-by-Fours
Dick Moss

How to make an effective balance board out of pieces of two-by-four lumber.... keep reading..

Fitness - Seated Back Stretch for Long Trips
Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

A seated yoga stretch that will loosen the back during long trips.... keep reading..

Displaying Matches 17 thru 22 of 22 Found FIRSTBACK 

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