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Strength (Video): The Single-Leg Triple-Hop Test
Steve Marks for PE Update.comStrength (Video): The Single-Leg Triple-Hop Test

A good field test to determine improvements in horizontal and vertical leg strength and power, as compared to the more commonly-used vertical jump test.... keep reading..

Strength (Video): The "Fearsome Four" Leg Exercise Series
Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education Update.comStrength (Video): The Fearsome Four Leg Exercise Series

A series of one-legged exercises that can be performed quickly and are highly specific to running. Can be performed with stretch tubes so are excellent for physical education classes or varsity teams.... keep reading..

Tennis (Video Link): The Chair Drill for Low Balls
Dick Moss, Editor, PE Update.comTennis (Video Link): The Chair Drill for Low Balls

A drill that uses a chair to improve the ability to bend the knees instead of the back when reaching for low groundstrokes.... keep reading..

Equipment (Video): How to Clean Your Sports Mouthguard
Dick Moss, Editor, PE Update.comEquipment (Video): How to Clean Your Sports Mouthguard

Tips for cleaning and storing sports mouthguards to prevent bacterial buildup.... keep reading..

Games (Video): Rutabaga Bowling
Dick Moss, Editor, PE Update.comGames (Video): Rutabaga Bowling

A group bowling contest for physical education class that uses irregularly-shaped rutabagas instead of bowling balls.... keep reading..

Displaying Matches 1 thru 5 of 5 Found  

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