Disguise Drill — Receiver Points in the 
Anticipated Direction of the Shot
Disguise Drill — Receiver Points in the Anticipated Direction of the Shot

Tennis: Disguise Drill for Tennis

Dick Moss, Editor, PE Update.com

The Disguise Drill develops your players' ability to disguise their strokes. It also improves the ability of defending players to interpret their opponent's body language and stroke mechanics so they can anticipate the direction of the next shot.

How to Play
Play begins with opponents standing on the middle of the baseline, facing each other across the net. The defenders feed the ball to the hitters, who return the ball.

Just before hitters contact the ball, the defenders point in the direction they think the ball will be returned (i.e. left, right or right at them).
    Defenders receive a point for each correct guess. Change roles after 20 returns (e.g. 10 backhands and 10 forehands).

  • Add a drop shot to the potential guesses.
  • Instead of just pointing to the anticipated direction of return, defenders move in that direction. If they guess correctly, they play out the shot—and get a second point if they win the rally.

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