Climb the Mountain: The Initial Line-Up 
is From Smallest to Largest
Climb the Mountain: The Initial Line-Up is From Smallest to Largest

Wrestling: Climb the Mountain Tournament

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Climb the Mountain is an intersquad tournament that will give each wrestler the chance to match up against opponents of similar ability—even though those opponents may not be in the same weight class.

Line your squad up against a wall by weight, with the heaviest at one end and the lightest at the other.

Starting with the lightest, pair up your wrestlers (if you have an odd number of wrestlers, someone will have to sit out each round). Each wrestler must remember their place in line.

The pairs then spread out on the mat and try to take their opponent down. After one minute, blow your whistle and everyone returns to their position in line.     However, this time the winning wrestler assumes a position to the right of their losing opponent. If there was a tie, they assume the same positions as before their match.

Next Round
On the next round, pair up wrestlers from heaviest to lightest. Again, they have one minute to take down their opponent, then return to the wall, where they shuffle themselves according to wins/losses.

Continue for four or five rounds, alternating the formation of pairs from lightest to heaviest, then heaviest to lightest.

Eventually each wrestler will end up in a match against an opponent of similar ability—although not necessarily in the same weight category. In general, it will take a 20-25 member team about 20 minutes to complete this contest.

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