Track/Equipment: How to Make Homemade Relay Batons

Track/Equipment: How to Make Homemade Relay Batons

Pat Aitken

Relays are an essential component of most track units and varsity programs. But not every program can afford official relay batons. Fortunately, you can make batons yourself. Here's how.

How to Make Homemade Batons

  1. You can cut ten-inch lengths off broom sticks, or cut lengths of PVC tubing, also known as electrical conduit. This plastic tubing usually comes in 8 or 10-foot lengths and is easily cut with a hacksaw (see “Equipment: Homemade Hurdles, PE Digest, Summer'94).   
  2. Another method is to place a rolled-up magazine inside a cardboard paper-towel roll (to give it some weight). Then tape across the ends to keep the magazine in place.

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