Visualizing the Colour “Red” Can Make Athletes Feel More Aggressive
Visualizing the Colour “Red” Can Make Athletes Feel More Aggressive

Sport Psychology: Visualize Colours for An Emotional Lift

Dick Moss, Editor

Some students have difficulty using visualization or imagery while performing their sport—they simply can't concentrate on complex images in the middle of a competition or practice.

However, there is something less complicated they can visualize that is highly effective in manipulating their emotional state and feelings of fatigue—colours!

How to Use Colour Visualization
For example, if athletes find themselves in the middle of a game feeling intimidated by an opponent, they can visualize the colour red, which should help them feel more aggressive. If they feel too nervous before a competition, they can visualize a colour that makes them feel relaxed. Perhaps sky blue or a blue that reminds them of the tranquil blue of a lake or stream.

They can even use colour visualization to overcome pain or fatigue in a particular body part. For example, hockey players with tired thighs might visualize their thighs being flooded with an energizing colour like orange or yellow. 

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