Evasive Running Rugby Drill
Evasive Running Rugby Drill

Rugby: Evasive Running Rugby Drill

Dave Snook, Contributor

This drill will teach your players to use field awareness and peripheral vision while running in a restricted area and avoiding other runners.

You'll need four cones, two balls and four teams of at least three players. Place the cones at the four corners of a 10 x 10 yard (meter) square.

How to Play
Any two groups on one side of the box may start the drill. The players with the ball run diagonally across the square, making a pass to the player in the opposite corner and taking a position in that line. The new ball carrier runs back diagonally, and the process is repeated.

Coaching Cue

  • For safety's sake, players should begin slowly and gradually build up speed as they become more adept.
  • Communication should be stressed. Receivers should call for the ball with hands up, in ready position.
  • Explain peripheral vision. The players should be conscious of as much of the playing area as possible.


  1. Have players make the pass, then return through the center to their own line—this will increase traffic even more.
  2. Reduce the size of the square to 8 x 8 yards (meters).
  3. Begin the drill with a ball in each corner.
  4. Have players run to the center of the square, then make a lateral pass (as they would in rugby) to the line on their left. They continue running straight ahead and assume a position in the opposite line. When the receiving lines have every ball, they begin to run and pass (editor's variation).

Contributor: Dave Snook. Mr. Snook was a teacher at The Regis School, in Houston Texas.
Original Reference: England Rugby Football Union, Youth Development Scheme, North West Rugby Union.

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