Outdoor Education: Use Firebags to Start Campfires on Windy Days

Outdoor Education: Use Firebags to Start Campfires on Windy Days

Dick Moss, Editor, PE Update.com

Starting a fire on a windy day can be a challenge. In fact, as the wind extinguishes match after match, the rolling of your students' eyes may actually become audible to the unassisted ear.

Well, here's a way to convert those eye-rolling sounds into gasps of wonder and admiration (OK, so I exaggerate a bit). A quick trip to your pack for a paper bag, and you will be able to light a fire in any gale short of Hurricane Andrew.

Making a Firebag Campfire Starter
Just open your bag and roll the edges into a lip so it will stay open.Then place it in the firepit so the bag's opening faces away from the wind.

Arrange some pieces of dry paper and kindling inside the back of the bag. Then strike your match inside the bag, quickly place more kindling over the outside of the bag… and let the flames begin!

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