Outdoor Education: Rubber Tarp Straps Keep Your Packs in the Canoe

Dick Moss, Editor

In a past article, we discussed a quick way to tie in your packs so they stay attached to the canoe if it capsizes.  Here's a way to keep the packs inside the canoe in the event of such a catastrophe. As with our previous article, this method allows for quick and easy removal at portage time.

Rubber Tarp Straps
Run rubber tarp straps (or strong bungee cords) diagonally across the luggage area of your canoe. This will  hold your packs inside the canoe if it flips upside down.

Wooden canoes have drain slots on the gunwales into which the strap hooks can be fastened. You may be able to drill hook-holes into other types of canoes (this works well with aluminum canoes). These cords can be quickly unhooked and

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